Chinese skit actress Song Dandan posted on a social site on Valentine’s Day 8 years ago:

If someday my parents decided to divorce even after the 60th anniversary, my daughter in the US came out as lesbian, my husband acknowledged his development of AIDS, or my son fathered a love child, I would still love them as before because each of them I believe is entitled to a life — which is short, though — of freedom.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! I will always love you guys too no matter who you are and what you will be like.

Do What U Want, the 7th track on Lady Gaga’s 2013 studio album ARTPOP, has been removed from Apple Music and the iTunes Store among other online music services due to recent allegations of sexual misconduct of R. Kelly, the guest performer and co-writer of the song.

I wonder what I Believe I Can Fly could end up in. 🤭




Kicked off one of my boots down the stairs into the basement on arriving home. Kicked the other down too shortly after. Went down and took them both back upstairs. A pair of shoes is supposed to stay intact all the time.