Fox’s Trish Regan responds to Liu Xin from CGTN and invites her for an “honest, live debate” to resolve their feud over the trade war.

I’ve noticed that their bandying words with each other has led some netizens to believe Regan is too emotional to be a news presenter and debater. They should know that, unlike many orthodox news anchors, Regan integrates her personal experience into her commentaries. It’s just her signature fashion and may not disqualify her for a decent debate.

The major thread running through the two ladies’ upcoming debate is as likely as not whether and how China has stolen trade secrets from the US. China considers the stigma of theft to be a pretext for checking against its currently stunning economic growth, while the US eagerly proffers evidence that China has been playing by its own set of rules, jeopardizing US businesses’ interests and even national security.

Their points are not going to be moot, yet the discussion per se is not likely to help end the war. We could pray that the two women’s talk will not do more harm than good.

(video source: @trish_regan)

✎ Is his experience duplicable? Okay, I’ll be looking for a rundown rat-ridden apartment under a bridge in my city…

☞ Life Stories
Peter Dinklage was living a mundane life, until his loving pet inspired him to get back on his feet.

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β€œAs long as I don’t get to watch the last two episodes, The Big Bang Theory will never come to an end,” said a friend of mine. πŸ’”

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RT @backt0nature: William was born color blind. His family decided to buy him special glasses w/color correcting lenses for his birthday. He lived his whole life seeing only black & white. It finally allowed him to see a new world w/colors Watch his reaction. Priceless!

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In China, few people (far fewer than Canadians and Americans, TBH) have ever told me that they think Earth is flat. That’s probably because in the Chinese language, Earth is β€œdiqiu”, literally translated β€œterrestrial (di) ball (qiu)”, which effectively conveys the idea of sphere and prevents them from unnecessarily depicting Earth as a vast, flat piece of land.

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☞ “As Such” Is the New “Therefore”

Lately I’ve been noticing the phrase as such everywhere. It’s not just a recency illusion; according to corpus data from the Corpus of Historical American English (COHA) and Google Books Ngrams, it really is on the rise. …

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@KaganCatan Penny is dressed in the same tee as in the first episode.

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OMG I almost cried aloud to the preview of #TheBigBangTheory finale. 12 years is one sixth of a lifetime. How many TV series could have kept us company while we grew up and have become so important a part of our lives that we would deem ourselves incomplete without them?

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The Apple HomeKit is so far the only smart home solution on the market that supports time-AND-location-based automation (e.g. β€œturn staircase lights on only when I arrive home after sunset”). Am I correct? πŸ€”

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