Why does Apple News for iOS have to know where I am and deny me access when I’m traveling abroad? The macOS version ain’t this nuts, nor any other news app. Please account for this. @AppleNews @AppleSupport @tim_cook @Apple

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I know instant messengers like WeChat may suit many of you youngsters. Compared to email, however, they are really bad choices for an adult’s workflow. They’re in no way designed for work involving a store of documents and data. Of course, you have the freedom of the way you use them. But how can you have proper insights into a writing topic about the pros and cons of email when you’re deadly reluctant to send a single email to anyone, even including a teacher who’s stipulated submissions by email? 🙄

Most people in China say “sorry” or “thank you” far less frequently or habitually than do average Canadians, even when they have just offended you or accepted your help, not to mention when they elbow their way into or out of a subway train during the rush hour. I found it very annoying until I recognized that a super large population might be a reason for losing their sense of decency. Pathetic public resources could turn any member in society into a barbarian.

Dear Moms and Dads …

"Dear Moms and Dads …"


Here is my reply to a TOEFL test taker’s feedback shortly after she finished the test. She said the writing topic was about “a teacher’s methods when students get bored”. It sounded a bit strange because TOEFL writing prompts would hardly bring up “students’ boredom”. Despite this oddity, I told her that her response would be more likely to hit the spot because she tended to be more familiar with school things than sophisticated issues like governmental strategies or corporate ethics. Yet today, her mother interpreted my reply as praise, going nuts on seeing her daughter score only 22/30 in the writing section. Eh, what’s wrong?


For the first time in my life I have seen “Unlimited Data” available in Canada. It’s offered by Telus, at a monthly cost of CAD$75 (plus taxes). 🙄

No TV series or movie can be streamed while I’m traveling abroad, so the stuff bought from the iTunes Store1 becomes the only comfort, if YouTube clips don’t count. Not cool.

🎵 Heaven // Aria Ohlsson — Heaven – Single (2019)

  1. I buy all seasons of a TV series and some movies that I tend to watch multiple times from the iTunes Store, along with some LP albums. 

Dear, I’ve never expected you to make a fortune, but I do hope to see you get fully collected, sensible, and aware of what you’re doing and what you’ll be going through. Each and every one of us can be so easily affected by some ideas, bad and good ones, that we may change our minds for a reason. But if a Bill Gates blogpost just made you assume yourself to be well-connected and more than a next Bill Gates, you‘d need a hefty slap in the face.

What do friends mean to me?

Honestly, friends are not bags of gold when I’m in need, the best of oars when I’m at sea, or flocks of playmates when I’m free. My friends are my chosen family, so to speak.