Jason B. Shew is an experienced TESOL writing and language instructor. He teaches EFL/ESL students professionally and runs coldżone, an educative site dedicated to EFL/ESL learners. He is based in Ontario, Canada, and works in Beijing, China, part of the year as well. He majored in English Literature and Applied Linguistics back in college, rendering him indisputably accomplished at educating ESL/EFL students on writing and grammar.

In addition to a successful teaching career, he worked professionally in human resources management and business administration in his twenties and early thirties, finding favor with several employers. As an avid songwriter, he writes songs as well as making recordings on and off. Currently he is the sole member of Arikid, his music-making project since 2005.

Since the start of his college life, he has been dabbling in photography, coding, and design. In 2009, he co-founded Reachsoon, a former provider of private educational services, and directed the branding with impressive brand identity design. A maverick sticking out in a crowd, he enjoys creating things more than handling people, though he is capable of doing both unequivocally well.

He pays attention to details. He is an enthusiast for the unorthodox. Even his last resort can be perceived as a trump card.

Outside of the workplace, he spends amounts of time on music, wiki-binge, reading, and cooking.

Certified INTP.