Jason Shew


Jason Shew is an experienced TESOL writing and language educator. He teaches EFL students professionally and writes songs as well as making recordings on and off. Currently the sole member of Arikid, his music-making project since 2005, now he is based in Hamilton, Ontario, and works outside Canada part of the year as well.


Shew majored in English Literature and Applied Linguistics back at college, where he dabbled in making music, photography, and design. He was also in charge of human resources and business management when younger, for several different employers. He even co-founded Reachsoon and directed the branding. He is capable of handling people and revels in creating things behind the scenes.

Given ample leisure time, he usually spends it on wiki-binge, reading, and cooking.

INTP.  aficionado and tech junkie. Brand names like Apogee, Bang & Olufsen, Dyson, … all find favor with him.


Born in 1986 to a family swamped with changes, Shew has been given more than one legal name, including a maternal surname 邵 (Cantonese: Shiu6, Mandarin Chinese: Shào), whose “neutralized” speech sound, based on a number of Asian languages (KoreanJapanese, etc.), is Shew. His given name is 敬翔 (Cantonese: King-ch’eung, Mandarin: Jingxiang). Another given name is 佳 (Cantonese: Kai, Mandarin: Jia), complete with a paternal surname 張 (Cantonese: Cheung, Mandarin: Zhang). Since both given names start with the same consonant [ J ] in Mandarin, he got his English name Jason as a young boy.

In China, he is widely referred to as Shao Jingxiang or Jason (with Zhang Jia sporadically used at school), whereas in Canada, he is referred to as Jason Shew in day-to-day life, or Jia Zhang on several occasions. Personally and professionally, he goes by Jason Shew rather than Jason Shao or Jason Zhang. This neutralized surname Shew smacks of a sense of denationalization. His indisposition to Mandarin Chinese Hanyu Pinyin also signals his keenness to distance himself from the decaying present-day Chinese culture and the contentious stereotypes of Chinese people.

Born in the Year of the Tiger and often being “reckless” and dominant, he’s also dubbed TIGER, TIGERMACHO, or MASTER TIGER.


Denationalization is not a denial of someone’s native land but a cautious detachment from certain social, political, and cultural milieu. Shew doesn’t think he’s very stereotypically Chinese because he …

  • embraces individualism rather than collectivism.
  • doesn’t subscribe to theories like “Blood is thicker than water.”
  • is averse to conventions.
  • is averse to knockoff products and intellectual property theft.
  • is averse to nationalism.
  • is averse to censorship imposed on all media (including the Internet).
  • is far from prudish.
  • is LGBTQIA-friendly so long as his personal life is not affected.
  • always seeks high levels of privacy.
  • cares very much about public behavior.
  • thinks that principles matter a lot.
  • doesn’t dwell on WeChat, TikTok, etc.
  • is not prone to compulsive buying disorder on November 11 or December 12.
  • does not get offended unjustifiably.


Shew believes that …

  • family members do not necessarily outweigh friends.
  • too much desire (of whatever kind) is detrimental and even disastrous, and so is any type of addiction.
  • Earth is not flat at all.
  • one should not work only for money.
  • one should know all sides of parenting before having a family.
  • nationalists and radicals are toxic.
  • good intentions can’t justify bad results.
  • good end can’t justify bad means.
  • everyone has freedom in line with their liabilities.
  • age, gender, and status are not reasons to glorify or belittle a person.


Shew is not the average romantic guy seen in your class or workplace: most of the time he keeps himself alone, feeling little to no romantic attraction toward anyone. Usually aromanticism and asexuality accompany one another, but this is not his case at all. He’s aromantic yet allosexual. To someone who wonders if he feels sexually attracted to men or women, he usually makes a bona fide response “Anybody but you,” when he deems this question to be insipid or casual. In the same case, “Nobody but you” could be either ad lib flirtation or a sincere utterance. Gauge his mood if you’re there.

This does not mean that romance and sexuality have no place in a conversation with him. As an INTP, he is willing to discuss these issues only in a serious manner. Technically, he is aromantic 💔, gynephilic ⚤ as well as androphilic ⚣, yet only attracted to cisgender individuals (👉read this to learn more). On the net, he refers to himself as ABCD male: Aro (aromantic), Bi (bisexual), Cis (cisgender), and Dom (dominant).
Text engraved on a piece of Jason Shew's jewelry: Aro & Bi


Shew started to craft his first homepage in 1999 (using Microsoft FrontPage) and his first website proper (arikid.com) in 2006, hence the time span shown in the footer. Over the past 10+ years he hopped from one blog to another, but these sites came along by the same token: serving as his online personal journal.